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"A dinner date with Sapora was an amazing unrushed experience. She captivates with her alluring presence and authenticity. Her knowledge and tantra skills are incredible. If you are tired of seeing people who have no interest in knowing who you really are, see Sapora she is like no one else.” - Ron

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Hello Darling!


Let me start by saying I'm enlated you made it here. I welcome the time to add something positive to your life. 

My name is Sapora Knight, I am a compassionate paramour, a conduit for desires made flesh, and a purveyor of intimacy that transcends the physical.


You’ve found yourself searching for something more. An experience to add richness & vitality to your life. This excites me to know we will soon be creating magical memories for a lifetime. 

It is an honor to delve into your deepest vulnerabilities,to listen intently and relish in all of you! I don’t just create a safe space, I create a sanctuary where you can shed your everyday mask and reveal as much of yourself as you feel.  

My life journey has been dedicated to fostering meaningful human connections. With an innate talent for understanding others and a genuine passion for companionship, It was effortless to find my calling as a  confidant.


Through my compassionate nature and unwavering commitment, I wholeheartedly embrace the art of nurturing relationships, authentic connections and, being an influence on your path of fulfillment. My wish is to illuminate your life in some way through our shared time together.


I imagine you know how important authenticity and genuine connection are, and you desire to cultivate that with somebody new, sensual  & exciting. 

I am here to create bespoke arrangements that cater to you who seek a total body, mind and spirit erotic experience. My ultimate goal is leaving you emotionally fulfilled and profoundly restored.


With me you are free to express; to be yourself, to ravish and be ravished. 

I have had many years to get to know my body, get comfortable in it and learn of the pleasures it brings. I know how to feel really, really good & I want to share in that with you.


As early as I can remember, I have possessed an empathetic spirit and a profound understanding of the human condition. I have always been able to see the yearnings that lay hidden beneath polite conversations and masked smiles. I have honed and sharpened my skills over the years, becoming a master at the art of communication, an expert at hearing what is unspoken. 


I bring your desires and longings into the light attentively and mindfully, holding them with the utmost care and without judgment. In the privacy of our shared world, passion is the undercurrent of our time together. It is in these intimate moments that the true magic comes alive.

With extensive experience and training in the worlds of Tantra, intimacy and human relating, I have the gift of initiating couples and individuals into unchartered territory (a.k.a new experiences) that bring the spark and connection back in their lives. 

Those that invest in the extended multi-day experiences will know this is where my passion shines through and the transformation of pleasure really happens.

Together we will revel in the exploration of carnal desires, coaxing them to the surface and embracing them without inhibition. Each encounter is a symphony of connection, an erotic masterpiece, an exquisite dance of shared passion, a body and soul union. 

Time together is a place to be seen and heard. To discover more about yourself, your desires, your dreams and one another without judgment, rather a curiosity to explore new experiences. 

Here I am as a vessel for your deepest longings, embracing them as an extension of myself. In the haven that is my presence, all who share time with me, Gentlemen and Couples alike, find liberation, fulfillment, and a rare connection built on both authenticity and celebration. This, is what I wish to extend to you.


Curious? Let's make your dreams a reality!

On the personal side....

Living in many idyllic settings throughout my life, including five different countries and farm life as a child nurtured my appreciation for mindfulness and introspection. I learned to savor the present moment, to find solace in the whispering winds, and to immerse myself in the symphony of nature's harmonies. 


Life’s journeys led me passionately to integrate the tranquility of nature and the mindfulness of the present moment into my everyday life, and as a lover. You could say I am eco-sexual and find time shared in nature to be like foreplay.


In my spare time I value quieter moments and outdoor adventures including ten day silent retreats, hikes in nature, being with horses, reading a book under a tree, dancing, yoga and eating nutritious foods. You may even find me repelling off a cliff or kayaking with orca. 


My playful yet sensuous presence invites you to embark on your own journey of self-discovery through intimacy, pleasure and human connection.

Let's make magic happen!


There is no better time than the present!

Affectionately Yours...
Sapora Knight 

TER ID: 336570

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Absolutely fantastic time! Gentlemen, if you enjoy worshiping a goddess as much as I do, I would definitely recommend a nice extended "dinner" date with Sapora. This beauty definitely knows how to surrender into receiving and will only pull you in deeper. 
- WA

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