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Communication Informational vs. Relational; The Role They Play in Your Intimacy

Updated: Oct 6, 2023

Navigating Communication

Communication, is the heartbeat of our human interactions, however two distinct flavors of communication are: informational and relational. These forms serve as the building blocks of our connections, each with its unique purpose and nuances. You may question why some of your conversations don't cut deep through to the emotional intimacy you are craving. Let's explore the intriguing differences between these two vital modes of communication.

Informational Communication: The Transmission of Knowledge

Let's Picture a university lecture or an instructional manual – these scenarios exemplify informational communication. They are the conveyor of facts, ideas, and data. The primary aim of informational communication is to inform, educate, or direct. When you're sharing news updates, explaining concepts, or providing step-by-step guidance, you're engaged in informational communication. You are sharing information often that is more linear in nature.

Precision is key in this realm. Clarity, conciseness, and accuracy are essential ingredients to effectively transmit information. Such information could even be sharing what your present moment physical needs are, how did you sleep last night and what do you want to do today.

Whether it's relaying statistics in a business meeting. describing a recipe's ingredients or sharing what you are up to today, the emphasis lies on sharing content comprehensively.

Relational Communication: Building More Intimate Connections

Now, shift your focus to a heartfelt conversation with a close friend , lover or at a heartwarming family gathering – that's the domain of relational communication. Can you remember and even have a felt sense of the way your heart might soften, body might feel warm, emotion may be triggered. Here, the goal is not just to exchange facts, but to establish and nurture connections. It's the emotional glue that nurtures relationships and each of us individually.

Relational communication thrives on empathy, active listening, and understanding. It's about sharing experiences, emotions, and sentiments. This form of communication requires a vulnerability and present awareness. When you're consoling a friend, celebrating a milestone with a loved one, listening to your partners/lovers desires or sorrows or simply catching up, you're employing relational communication to forge bonds that transcend information.

Finding the Balance: A Holistic Approach

In the realm of human interaction, these two forms often intertwine. Think of a medical professional explaining a diagnosis while maintaining a compassionate demeanor. You might of felt this with your own doctor, a professional coach or therapist. This harmony between informational and relational communication is the sweet spot – a holistic approach that respects both the need for information and the desire for connection.

Recognizing the context is crucial. Whether you're delivering a presentation or having a heart-to-heart conversation, being attuned to the dominant form of communication required in that situation is key.Knowing when to be more in the soft heart of compassion and when to be focused more on logistics and organization of matters. It ensures you meet the intended purpose – whether it's educating, guiding, comforting, or celebrating.

Depending on the relationship at hand you may ask what your partner or loved one needs at the moment in regards to communication. Do they want practical linear support or more compassion, softness and tenderness.

In essence, informational communication equips us with knowledge, while relational communication enriches us with emotional connections. Both are indispensable tools in our daily interactions, contributing to the intricate tapestry of human relationships.

So, the next time you find yourself in a conversation, take a moment to reflect on the essence of your communication. Are you sharing information, or are you weaving the fabric of a relationship? Where can you be more vulnerable if you find you habit is hiding behind informational communication. Possibly you are the opposite and organized information overwhelms you so you are caught up in emotion. By mastering the dance between these two forms, we enhance our ability to navigate the multifaceted world of human connection.

[If you enjoy reading my musings, I'm sure you would find my personality even more delightful in person - let's plan a date!]

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