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A Love Letter, To the Couple Navigating the Realms of Passion & Intimacy in a Long Term Relationship

Updated: Oct 6, 2023

Your partner wants you to know that after so many shared years together their love for you has grown immensely. Even with the depth of love you share, the joys, pleasures and pains you have related through they know you both yearn for new ways to feel intimate connection and a renewed sense of passion within your relationship. While the stress and emotions at times are heavy you each seek to break free from the routines of everyday life and explore uncharted territories together, forging a stronger bond along the way.

In your quest for keeping intimacy alive, you desire to reignite a spark that may have dimmed over time or celebrate the spark that is still very much alive! You long for a sense of adventure, where you can discover and fulfill each other's deepest desires and fantasies. You want your partner to know you feel scared at times, uncertain of how to try new things and talk about you sexual desires.

You may think having new desires within your relationship would mean your partner no longer wants you. However , that can’t be farther from the truth. So you seek to create a safe space where vulnerability is celebrated, encouraging one another to communicate openly about your needs as individuals and explore new dimensions of pleasure as a couple.

Companionship holds immense value for both of you. You crave a deeper understanding of one another, a connection that goes beyond mere surface-level interactions. The busy nature of life and taking care of others has at times left your time together mundane, fighting to be seen and heard.

The truth though is you both yearn to truly see and accept all parts of one another, while also supporting your growth and evolution as individuals.

You came together as a couple in celebration of companionship that allows you to share experiences, create lasting memories, and navigate the journey of life hand in hand. This includes intimately and sexually.

In essence, even though it feels scary it also feels exciting to discover who your partner is today. You both seek new forms of intimacy and companionship as a means of enriching your relationship, reigniting the flames of passion, and fostering a deeper sense of love, trust, and connection that can withstand the test of time.

Whether you are rejuvenating your relationship, desiring the erotic, to fulfill a fantasy or explore new depths to your relationship, this experience will be catered to your personal needs.

To have an erotic, sexy, and drama-free threesome, it is imperative to take steps in preparing and building more awareness before entering the playground.

With a strong foundation in trust, communication, boundary setting, and safety, you are invited to bring awareness to the way you experience love, live in a relationship, and relate to sexuality.

I believe awareness, mindfulness, emotional responsibility, and clear intent are all keys to creating successful and highly erotic threesomes.

While threesomes are not for everyone, my intention is to shed light on them in a more “normal” way rather than an out of reach, sinful experience or hedonism. Keeping our minds open like a parachute allows for more compassion in the diverse sexual choices we make.

Rather than a severe 3-way crash, you want to celebrate your love for your partner with another, create erotic sacred rites of passage, and add something new into your playtime that includes clear communication, confidence, and presence.

How I Can Help:

I will customize a special experience for both of you that is according to your needs, desires and personal boundaries. Our time together will weave together emotional intimacy, along with an exploration of the erotic, experimenting with new fantasies that you may never before felt safe to do. Your voice and feelings as individuals is essential as you explore new worlds of pleasure and desire as a couple. To witness your love is a true gift.

[If you enjoy reading my musings, I'm sure you would find my personality even more delightful in person - let's plan a date!]

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