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A Prelude to Passion: FMTY and Extended Dates

Imagine you arrive, radiating an air of refined ease in your crisp jeans, blazer jacket, and brown suede loafers. And I, dressed in a wine satin dress, anticipated the excitement of several wardrobe changes throughout the day to come. It was one of the delightfully fun aspects of sharing eight hours together. Soon, we found ourselves sitting, legs entwined, snug on the couch, engrossed in diverse conversations on life, love, struggles, and personal passions. This alone softened my heart and made my thighs quiver.

Foreplay begins long before the bedroom, and if it doesn't in your life, I highly suggest starting now. 

Imagine this scenario: you're engaged in conversation with a captivating woman, her presence radiating deep listening and compassion. What better way to refine your ability to connect and articulate yourself effectively?

There’s something inherently magical about a full-day date. It’s more than just a prolonged outing; it’s a journey of connection, laughter, and exploration. From sunrise to sunset, from sundown to sunrise, every minute shared is an opportunity to disarm the once shielded heart and dive into each other's magical world for a moment in time. And even if only for this one day, you will feel the rush of NR (new relationship) energy, exhilarating and electrifying.

But what truly excites me about full day dates is how they set the stage for a more passionate and intimate experience, building with each shared laughter, glance, or grazing up against one another while taking in a museum, walking hand in hand in a park.

Picture this: we start the day with a leisurely stroll in the park, hand in hand, surrounded by the beauty of nature. As we walk, we share stories, dreams, and aspirations, building a foundation of understanding and trust. The laughter flows freely, nervousness turning to excitement for what's to come. This day is all about you, with no stress to get in the way.

Next, perhaps we visit an art gallery, letting the creativity and expression of the works around us inspire our conversation and reflections. We admire each other’s perspectives, feeling the growing curiosity of what turns on each other's mind and soul. Our exchange of ideas becomes a dance, a harmonious blending of two distinct beings into something greater than the sum of its parts. Or maybe we go crazy taking in a night out at a concert, where we dress to impress, channeling the inner rockstars we once dreamt of becoming.

No matter what activities fill our time as our date progresses, we find ourselves leaning into each other for a shared meal at the local sushi bar while we wait for our dinner takeout to return to our place. The warmth of the atmosphere mirrors the warmth growing between us, kindling a flame that only grows stronger with each passing moment.

Cozied up now at our secluded private patio back at our place, dinner is served. Still feeling the warmth of the day's sun as it begins to set in the distance. Every bite is savored, every sip a toast to the connection that is growing within us.

A day allows for the erotic nature of anticipation, which is far more profound than rushing in to grab a lady's parts.

We know though that it’s not just the activities themselves that make a full day date so special; it’s the intimacy that comes with spending an entire day or night in each other’s company. There are no distractions, no obligations pulling you away from the moment. It’s just the two of us, fully present and engaged in each other’s worlds for this moment in time.

And when the time finally comes, it’s as if the entire day has been building towards this moment. The passion that has simmered beneath the surface all day long now boils over, igniting a fire that consumes us both. Every touch, every kiss, is electrified by the memories of the day, creating a symphony of sensation that leaves us breathless and wanting more.

In the end, a full 8 hour date is more than just a prelude to passion; it’s a celebration of the erotic, the old ways of courting, connection, and the exhilaration of being alive. There is a time and place for a quicky and I love a good quicky at times, however there is nothing like what awaits us when we embark on such a journey of passionate adventures together. 

[If you enjoy reading my musings and intimate insights, I'm sure you would find my personality and talents even more delightful in person - let's plan a date! I am passport ready and thrilled to learn more about you!]

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