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Erotic Devotion

Updated: Jan 13

Merging body to body, soul to soul, his cock entering my temple. . .

Present to the subtle sensations arising in a way which seems anew in this NOW.

As if meeting for the first time and yet feeling as if knowing each other for eternity.

Stillness within desire expands the depths of erotic our nature.

Safe, vulnerable, and open,

Like a dew covered flower kissed by the sunrise, my glistening petals fill with the suns warm caress,

I am met in the yearning to receive the deepest parts of his essence,

Here a Divine offering lay upon earns altar.

The fiery play of breath & ravishment between two merge as one.

Lips devouring in delicious delight.

Hearts drop into the sacred waters.

Pulsation rises… Intensification… Melting…

Dissolving where nothing is of matter.

Through the surrender to herself, She surrenders deeper into him,

An ebb and flow in each caress,

Allowing, Becoming the currents undulating up the spine.

Passion, lust, love and eroticism,

She begs Lover, take me as an offering upon your altar.

Rip me wide open as goddess, as divine, as sacred slut.

Feel the wet juiciness within my thighs,

the hot fiery nectar flow through this vessel,

Offering this nectar of Lust & Love, Wisdom & Grace.

Fuck me until my body is no longer.

Two now merged as one.

Penetration until nothing is of matter.

Silently I say take me, take me, feel the depths of me, clear sight, light, divine.

An Inferno of Desire building, intensifying.

Yearning for more.

Come to my core, receive the gifts of Grace within each touch.

I extend all of me as Love, as Grace, as Passion.

I crave to be Fucked as Divine, to the Divine.

Exploding into all. Heat rising, light expanding.

Fully present, here now. YES!!! YES!!! YES!!!

Come into me. Become the mystery. I bow to you as me.

[If you enjoy reading my musings and erotic devotion, I'm sure you would find my personality and talents even more delightful in person - let's plan a date! I am passport ready for you!]

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