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Fly Me to You

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My unwavering belief is that the true beauty of travel lay not just in the breathtaking vistas and exotic landscapes, but in the shared moments of awe and discovery.


I find solace in exploring the vast wonders of the world, seeking out new lands and cultures that nourish my adventurous spirit. With an insatiable curiosity, and desire to share such awe-inspiring experiences,  let us embark on journeys and weave a tapestry of shared memories, embracing the world's marvels hand in hand. 


Let us venture into uncharted territories, discovering enchanting landscapes, be transported to a realm where live music melodies pulse euphorically through our veins and immerse ourselves in the richness of diverse cultures.


From strolling along cobblestone streets lined with ancient architecture to marveling at the vibrant hues of a sunset on a mountain top, to an exhilarating concert, let our passions flourish amidst the backdrop of countless enchanting destinations as we create a transformative voyage of the heart.

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​*In session extension: 700 per hour*

Monthly & Semi Exclusive Arrangements Available 

Dinner Date | 3000

4 hrs

All Day | 4000

6 to 8 hrs

Overnight | 7000

14 to 16 hrs

24 Hours | 10000

48 Hours | 12000

72 Hours | 15000

5 Days | 18000

A Full Week | 21000


Overnight | 8000

24 Hours | 11000


48 Hours | 13000


72 Hours | 16000

5 Days | 22000

+ the cost of my flight and hotel accomodations arriving one+ day/s prior to our date depending on length of travel. 

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