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Frequently Asked Questions

Thank you for taking the time to read through my Frequently Asked Questions.

I look forward to showing my deepest appreciations. 

General Information

Q: What are the time/date options?

A: Time spent may include one-on-one or dates for couples, Fly Me to You (FMTY), multi-day dates, semi-exclusive monthly experiences, and VIP Retainer options. Each time period is tailored to provide a memorable and meaningful experience. Fill out my booking form here, choose what you are interested in and I will respond by email with further details if you don't already find them on my website.

Booking and Screening

Q: How do I book time?

A: To book time together, please fill out the booking form on my website. Provide all necessary information, including your preferred type of experience. You will receive a confirmation email with further details on how to provide a 40% deposit to reserve the time.

Q: Is screening required before spending time together?

A: Yes, screening is mandatory and non-negotiable. Screening ensures a safe and secure environment for both parties, fostering trust and intimacy. Your information is handled with the utmost confidentiality.

Q: Can screening requirements be waived?

A: No, for safety reasons, screening requirements cannot be waived or negotiated. Any attempt to do so will forfeit the ability to book time together.

Payment and Policies

Q: What payment methods do you accept for our time together?

A: Only deposits are accepted via Cash app and Venmo. Beyond that cash is accepted. Specific details will be provided during the booking process.

Q: What is your cancellation policy?

A: You will find my cancellation policy at the bottom of the investment page here.

Q: Do you have a wishlist where I can send you gifts?

A: Yes, I appreciate receiving gifts, which can enhance our shared experience or simply as a way of showing appreciation. You can find my wishlist here.

References and Reviews

Q: May I use you as a reference after our time together?

A: Yes, I can verify you up to a maximum of three times. If you need more than three verifications, please send a $100 tip per reference request as a gesture of appreciation for my time.

Q: Where can I find reviews or social confirmations about you?

A: You can find reviews and social confirmations on my website, Twitter, Instagram, private delights, TER, Tryst and P411. These will help you feel confident and comfortable with your decision.

Special Experiences

Q: Do you offer Fly Me to You (FMTY) and destination multi-day experiences?

A: Yes, I offer FMTY and multi-day experiences. You will find details here. Fill out my booking form, state your interest, and I will email you further details. VIP Retainer options are also available for priority scheduling for the busy gentleman who is unable to book in advance.


Q: Do you offer virtual dating or ways for us to nurture our relationship between visits? 


A: Yes, I love our virtual time together. It not only helps us connect and build rapport before our first date but also allows us to deepen our bond in such a lovely way in between our in-person visits. You will find all details here: Virtual Dating

Q: Who do you spend time with in duo experiences?

A: I collaborate with extraordinary friends and colleagues. Check out my current duo partners here or request your favorite companion and fly me to your location of choosing to share quality time with both of you.


Experience and Expectations


Q: What can I expect during our time together?


A: Our time together will be all about mutual respect, enjoyment, and creating unforgettable memories. Come curious and ready for engaging conversations, deep connections, and delightful quality time. Now, relax and savor the anticipation.


Q: How should I prepare for our date?


A: Please ensure good hygiene, dress appropriately for the occasion, and be punctual. See my etiquette page for further details. Coming with an open mind and positive attitude will help us both enjoy our time together.

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Confidentiality and Privacy

Q: How is my privacy protected during our time together?

A: Your privacy is my top priority. All personal information and details of our interactions are kept strictly confidential. I understand the vulnerability of screening and note that my sharing time and trusting in you is equally as vulnerable. With this in mind I take every measure to ensure your privacy is safeguarded as I know you will do the same for me.

Contact Information

Q: How can I get in touch with you?

A: My preference is you contact me through the website’s booking form or via email at with all the requested information which is on booking form. I am here to  assist with your booking. Be prepared to screen and send deposit prior to further questions.

Remember bringing a positive attitude and being considerate will ensure a wonderful experience for both of us.

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