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Etiquette Guidelines

Thank you for taking the time to read through the Etiquette Guidelines.

I look forward to showing my deepest appreciations. 


When you book time with me, you're investing in a shared experience built on trust and vulnerability. 


Here are a few things which will surely enhance our experience together. 


    1. Our time is valuable, and I will be ready to meet you at the appointed hour, so please be punctual for our appointment. In your email correspondence with me, please be clear and respectful.

   2. To streamline our process, please fill out my secure booking and screening form. If you prefer, you can copy the questions and answer them via email.


    3. I value privacy and discretion, as I’m sure you do. Your personal information for screening will be treated with care and held confidential.


    4. When making first contact, please avoid sharing any lewd wishes or desires. Keep the conversation focused on arranging our time together. My rates are for my time only.


    5. Do you have unique fetishes or specific role-play likes? Want to try something new? I find creativity exciting—the possibilities are endless when you ask! Full details we will discuss in person. 


    6. For multi-day dates, I require my own room to sleep in to make sure we have a good night sleep and solo time to meditate in the morning so I can be refreshed and centered for our time together. I want to show up my best for you!


    7. Personal hygiene is very important. Please be as immaculately groomed as I will be for you. Arrive freshly and thoroughly showered. If you didn’t get the chance before our appointment, that’s not a problem—I will always offer you the opportunity.

8. When you arrive, I’ll invite you to freshen up. Please wash your hands without exception. Mouthwash and fresh towels are provided should you need them.

9. No cologne, aftershave, or scented powders on any part of your body are appreciated!

10. Do you wish to learn new skills or explore ways to become a better lover? Are you a couple looking to be initiated together? Let me know in person, and I would be happy to guide you.

11. When you first meet with me, please leave patronage in plain sight in an unsealed envelope upon arrival.

12. Always treat me with respect, honor, and kindness. Lewd or vulgar expressions will not be accepted.

Now that we are both on the same page, our time together will be most certainly pleasurable.

Sapora Knight

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I exclusively offer boutique travel experiences, with meetings available in touring cities or as a "fly me to you" only.

All deposits are non-refundable as they cover admin fees and time spent in preparation for our meeting. 

**Touring Cancellation Policy**

Due to the expense of travel any bookings made in a touring city require 2-weeks prior to make any cancellations to the booking. If 2-week notification is not given you will be charged at a minimum a 50% service fee though once I am in your city the full amount is appreciated. If less than 72 hours is given you will be charged in FULL for the time reserved. 


 Thank you for understanding.     

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