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VIP Intimacy Mastery Retreat

Do you desire more authentic connection and intimacy in your life?

Called to feel deeply loved and nurtured?

Does expanding your ability to give and receive pleasure spark your curiosity?

Yearning to worship a Goddess or to explore with a tantalizing lover?

Is there a role play or fantasy you would like to explore?

Does Sex Magic Intrigue you?

Your Muse & Confidant Awaits You...

2-Day Rendezvous options

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then I invite you to come and experience a Special VIP Rendezvous with your very own intimacy confidant. 


Immerse yourself in the world of Tantra and bathe in the depths of Intimacy as you are guided to join Sapora in the titillating place where the heart opens and you explore a rivating adventure together. Co-creating an luscious experience where you will learn the ways of having the intimate life you desire, become a better lover and amplify your pleasure states. 

Trust that confidentiality and discernment are highly valued and will be absolutely respected. The time is now to allow yourself to be taken on a rapturous journey of erotic discovery and light-hearted playfulness with a highly experienced and extensively trained intimate companion, confidant and muse. 


The moment we meet, you will feel truly seen, heard, and honored. Take it all in, my seductive brown eyes, naturally full breasts, and sexy smooth curves. They will mesmerize you, leaving you yearning for more, begging to touch, to taste,  to ravish this luscious body and soul.

Together we will:


  • Embody the Awakened Lover

  • Deepen skills in Compassionate Authentic Communication, Conscious Touch, and Soulful Sex

  • Explore the Art of Adoring Your Lover

  • Uncover your Desires, Passions and Turn On's 

  • Cultivating new levels of Mindful Awareness

  • Develop or deepen skills in Love and Seduction

  • Become Allies with your Sexual Energy

  • Experience Ceremony and Sex Magic


Allow me to tantalize your senses, making love to your body, mind, and soul, revealing the answers to these questions and then making that your reality.


Surrender to pleasure and timelessness as you approach each moment together with curiosity, playfulness and sensual eroticism. Open yourself up to a moment or two of love and desire as two bodies become one, indulging in pure passion and ecstasy, fluidly riding the waves of bliss to serenity.


Develop a new love and lust for life, awakening to profound heights of sensual passion and exploring undiscovered sexual desire.

This VIP rendezvous will be filled with magic for personal renewal and revitalization, pleasure for an ecstatic life, and will certainly awaken the beautifully sensuous lover within you.


This experience is a juicy invitation to bring awareness to the way you experience love, live in relationship, and relate to sexuality. It is a luxurious opportunity to immerse yourself into my world of self discovery and learn to transform lovemaking into a blissfully soulful experience.

SPECIAL VIP Luxurious Erotic experience

2-Day Rendezvous Options

** See Experiences for Considerations

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