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The Couples Experience

Whether for a short and sweet two-hours or a weekend together, I am here to customize a couples experience like no other for you. 

Ignite the flame of passion and infuse your relationship with spice and excitement! Discover a world of tantalizing possibilities as you embark on a journey together, exploring new realms of pleasure and connection.


Cultivate a new love and passion for life and for each other in the location of your choice and embrace the experience of opening your sexual relationship to a third in a safe, consciously held container.

Whether you are rejuvenating your relationship, desiring the erotic, to fulfill a fantasy or explore new depths to your relationship, this experience will be catered to your personal needs.


With a strong foundation in trust, communication, boundary setting, and safety, you are invited to bring awareness to the way you experience love, live in relationship, and relate to sexuality. Let this be an opportunity to immerse yourself into a world of self discovery and learn to transform your communication and lovemaking into a soulful experience.

Whether for a short and sweet two hour rendezvous of a VIP weekend getaway you will be held in a place to unleash your desires, reignite the spark, and create unforgettable moments that leave you breathless.


With my passionate presence and decades of experience helping couples to you'll unlock the secrets to seductive intimacy, you will bring forth a renewed sense of adventure and closeness.


It's time to awaken your senses, indulge in passion, and embrace the thrill of rediscovering each other. Step into a world where passion knows no bounds and let your love story transcend the ordinary.


This VIP retreat will be customized specifically for your individual and relationship needs with emphasis on safety, trust, confidentiality, and respect.

- Looking to Rejuvenate your relationship?

- Have a bucket list experience you are just yearning for?

- Want to be a part of fulfilling your beloveds fantasy through a tantric ceremony?

- Feeling a burning desire to add a bit more erotic to your partnership?


Your muse and delight 2 hours


Let's be a daylong distraction - 6 to 8 hours


Spend the night - 14 hrs


Your Tantric Escape 24 Hours



A Couples Tantric Immersion

72 Hours - 3 Days

During this exclusive experience we may explore the following:


  • Open the heights of your intimacy to profound levels

  • Become the explorer of each other’s desires and turn-ons

  • Explore your erogenous zones while you uncage your wild side

  • Turn up the creativity in your relationship

  • Explore conscious sensuous  touch like you have never before

  • Uncover new ways to elevate more pleasure together

  • Polarity play with soft dom and sub roles

  • Experience ritual to honor each other's sexuality and love

  • Learn to create a safe, memorable experience in a threesome

  • Discover the art of setting boundaries and agreements to allow for more room for the ravishment

  • Learn to navigate an intimate field with three people

“My wife and I had the pleasure to meet Sapora during the  Winter of 2017. Sapora is a kind, gentle and compassionate person. This was the first time we had been intimate as a long term married couple with a third party and the experience as guided by Sapora could not have been better.


Sapora was considerate of our feelings and gentle in guiding us through a journey which was pleasurable and one which we will treasure. We hope to see Sapora again and recommend her to any couple which is looking to explore a unique pleasurable experience with a sincerely nice person.”

-  Washington, D.C. 

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