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Liberated Sexuality: A Journey Towards Connection and Pleasure

In today's society, our treatment of sex often leaves us feeling disconnected from ourselves and burdened with shame and guilt. Sexual dysfunction and misuse of sexual power can feel like a prison sentence in our relationships, leading to a lack of fulfillment and disconnection.

Living in this disconnection with our bodies can leave many yearning for a deeper connection that they don't know how to create.

Society's reluctance to openly discuss sexuality and its various aspects, such as exploring kink, discussing what arouses us to understanding gender identity and sexual orientation, only adds to the confusion.

I ponder often why is there such a focus on the perceived dangers of sex, while forgetting about the pleasure it can bring? This skewed focus has left many and possibly you, feeling confused, sexually dysfunctional at times, caught between extremes of suppression or violence. Violence shows up in many ways,such as doing things with our body that doesn't feel good, self violence.

I believe there is a middle ground in sexuality – a pleasure zone of liberated sexuality. It's about expressing our sexuality with love and pleasure, communicating our desires with our partners, and living in harmony with ourselves and others. It is a shared experienced where we another sexual preference does not shadow our own and no judgement and shame exist.

To fully dive into this "infinite ocean" of sexuality and share its mysteries with another, we must be willing to get vulnerable. For those in masculine roles, it could mean letting go of feelings of inadequacy and the need to be a savior. In a surrender the presence now available and receptive to our partner's pleasure.

For those in feminine roles, what would it look like to embrace this infinite ocean to fully loving yourself and exploring self-pleasure with confidence. When we feel embodied confidence, we can fully open up and blossom into our pleasure to be shared with another.

For all humans, it means shedding cultural conditioning around sexuality and intimacy, letting our inner fire/passions light the way towards connection and pleasure.

Let's embrace a liberated sexuality and embark on a journey towards deeper connection and fulfillment in our relationships and within ourselves.

[If you enjoy reading my musings and erotic devotion, I'm sure you would find my personality and talents even more delightful in person - let's plan a date! I am passport ready for you!]

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