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Upgrade Your Sex Life Through Breathwork

Have you heard of the term breath work?

I ask people often when they come to see me if they are breathing. They look at me with questionable eyes, “What do you mean? Of course I am breathing.”

Well, did you know that most of the population of humans only use about one-third of their respiratory system? When we stop breathing, we cut off our life force, meaning we as a species are living half numb.

What do you think the #1 reason we stop breathing is? You guessed it if you said: So we don’t have to feel.

We hold our breath so we don’t have to feel uncomfortable or feel pain. However pay attention to how much you hold your breath when things start to get hot and heavy with your lover.

At the same time, we also stop ourselves from exploring all the pleasure that is possible in our life.

For over two decades I have been studying and helping people like you breathe in a way that not only amplifies pleasure, it shifts stress responses, anxiety and deep emotional pains.

With each of us having a conditioned breath pattern, it is clear that by changing the way we breathe, we shift our relational and sexual habits. We feel more, we feel safe again in our bodies, and we become more available for pleasure and joy.

Breath work today is one of the most efficient and effective natural ways to experience transpersonal renewal. It is a perfect agency to resolve stress, holding patterns, suffering and accessing daily peace, connection to self and others, and more pleasure states.

All over the internet, you will find there are many studies done by universities showing the benefits of breath work today.

Now, you can imagine how much I LOVE breath work! Experiencing my first session in the year 2000 with a group of 40 people during training in the middle of the Swiss Alps in a tiny village called Kiental, I knew, without a doubt, the potency of this work.

The fantastic thing is, if you do this breath work before and during sex, you will undoubtedly ask, “Why haven’t I done this sooner?”

Do you notice that when you start to feel aroused you likely are constricting your breath.

Have you ever felt yourself clenching while chasing the orgasmic pleasure?

This will actually limit the pleasure felt, and the intimate depth which is possible. When we contract it creates constriction, thus cutting off from what is possible for us to feel.

In comparison, opening up and breathing deeper allows us to feel more and let more enjoyment into the experience of sexual connection.

Breath work during sex is a magical elixir.

It increases your sensitivity, pleasure, presence, desire, and adds a feeling of greater connection. It also turns up the volume on the orgasmic experience.

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